I  remember my first camera, it was a long times ago.  I was 18 years old when I received a  simple 35mm camera that used rolls of Fuji & Kodak film.  I remember taking pictures and having to wait a week to get then back from development. Each time it was like open a present seeing how I did. I loved that moment seeing how they look and placing them carefully in an album. I started to taking pictures of everything  and I loved it. Years later, I bought my first digital camera but I still loved to shoot both... A bit about me I travel a lot I and love to capture those perfect moments mainly for myself. I fell in love with landscape, travel, and night photography. I am a dual European and American citizen. When I was younger I did modeling in Europe an New York. I have lived in Poland, Germany, Africa, Italy, and various parts of the USA I speak German, Polish, and English.I earn Bachelor in Arts in Graphic Design I love Wedding photography and make people happy with my photography.My work has been published in Magazines & Blogs.





I look forward to meeting you and talking about your special day!